Darca Connect

Browser-based cloud software for desktop, tablet and mobile

Darca Connect has been designed specifically for environmental monitoring on both large and small scale sites, e.g. museums and art galleries, pharmaceutical and distribution warehousing, school, university, office, conservation and research laboratories. With sensors referred to according to their physical location and data accessed by multiple users, it provides powerful but simple-to-use tools for metering sensors and analysing up-to-the-minute data either graphically or statistically. Data can be viewed superimposed on floor plans, to give a visual overview of the latest data. Automatic email reports mean a hassle-free way of sending updates to stakeholders.

System Users

Depending on your version, the site can have unlimited numbers of users:

Supported Devices & Upgrades

Data from existing Darca Heritage sites can be imported into a Darca Connect site for a seamless upgrade. Not only can Darca Connect import data from Eltek GenII systems, it can also work directly with the brand new range of Sigfox transmitters, with no gateway connection required.


Customisable Dashboard

Create your own dashboard with a range of widgets to display the information that matters to you.

Alarms & Notifications

Get notified via email or SMS if readings go outside of your defined alarm limits. Display data overlaid over floorplans and view historical data on charts, so you can see exactly where the issue is, and what's been going on.

Charting, Reports & Analysis

View charts with historic data, overlay realtime data on floorplans and generate a range of statistics and reports for powerful analysis of your data. Export these to share with key stakeholders or automate email reports at a set interval.

Zone Graphics

Overlay the most recent data on floorplans, with anything outside of threshold or alarm limits highlighted.

Metering & Latest Values

View the latest values and perform quick hardware checks, with filtering and sorting options to show the area of your site that you want to see.

User Management

Add users, change their permissions and restrict what area of a site they can see or manage.


A range of options for automating your workflow, from automatically downloading the latest data, to sending out customised reports at defined intervals.

Software Demo

Please contact us to request a demo version of the software or to discuss how the software can fit in with your business.


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