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TD1111 GS41AV - Air velocity measurement
TD1102 GD40A - Energy monitoring using CTs
TD1084 GD43 - Temp/RH & CO2 transmitter (inputs for external sensors)
TD1169 GD47AC / GD47B - Air quality transmitter (built-in sensors for temp/RH and CO2)
TD1087 GC60F - Flood sensing transmitter
TD1088 GC62 with people counter sensor
TD1108 GD62/7/8 - Energy monitoring with pulse transmitters
TD1093 GD72E - UV & visible light transmitter
TD1080 GD84 - Differential pressure transmitter
TD1116 GD93A - MBus transmitter for use with Landis & Gyr Heatmeters
TD1097 GD90A - Energy monitoring system
TD1107 GD900A - Multidrop energy monitoring system
TD1109 OD41A - Pyranometer transmitter in weatherproof enclosure
TD1101 TMET - Weather monitoring system
TD1122 OD04 - External thermistor transmitter in weatherproof enclosure
TD1128 OD13E and OD14E - External RH and temperature transmitter in weatherproof enclosure
TD1091 ELCC - AC Transducer for GC60, GD24, GD34
TD1129 EC Series transmitters
TD1132 Logmitter - transmitters configurable as a datalogger
TD1133 M Series - transmitters with backup memory
TD1136 AQ110A - Comprehensive air quality transmitter
TD1138 CB70 - Compact UV & visible light transmitter
TD1140 GD10 / GD13E / GD14E - Temperature and humidity transmitters
TD1140 CLP transmitter and probe for Composting systems

Logger / Receiver

TD1010 1000 Series Squirrel
TD1090 450/850 Series Squirrels
TD1114 651 Energy Audit Squirrel
TD1040 Energy Series Squirrels
TD1125 Energy Monitoring Squirrels
TD1081 RC250 Receiver
TD1137 Mini Squirrel
TD1075 RX250DAC - Receiver / Logger
TD1166 SRV450 Receiver logger with GPRS
TD1082 WSR - Wireless Sensor Receiver


TD1030 Darca Software
TD1031 Darca Heritage V1 Software
TD1095 Darca Heritage V2 Software
TD1115 Darca Secure Software
TD1100 GenII Heritage Monitoring And Analysis
TD1118 Online Tools


TD1079 GenII Telemetry System
TD1097 Energy Monitoring System (GD90A)
TD1107 Multidrop Energy Monitoring System (GD900A)
TD1110 In-vessel Composting Monitoring System
TD1143 Windrow Composting Monitoring System
TD1117 Conservation Research
TD1119 Built Environment System
TD1120 Tilt and crack monitoring with GenII Transmitters

User Instructions


TU1003 GC62 Pulse transmitter
TU1008 GenII quick start
TU1010 GS41A Pyranometer transmitter
TU1011 GC62A Pulse transmitter
TU1019 GS42 / GS42E Voltage / current transmitters
TU1020 GS44 / GS44E Voltage / current transmitters
TU1055 GS42H / GS44H Bipolar Voltage for Hukseflux Heatplate
TU1021 GC60Y Enhanced count transmitter
TU1023 GD90A Energy monitoring transmitter (NDRail350)
TU1026 GS42AVE/GS44AVE Averaging transmitter
TU1032 TMET Weather transmitter (with WXT520 sensor)
TU1073 TMET Weather transmitter (with WXT530 sensor)
TU1033 LS50 with GenII transmitters
TU1035 GC60 State inputs transmitter
TU1036 GD68 Pulse input transmitter
TU1038 GD40A Current (CT) transmitter
TU1041 GD43JA used with Kipp and Zonen NRLite net radiometer
TU1043 GD900A Energy monitoring transmitter (multi NDRail350)
TU1045 GD93A used with T230
TU1047 GD32ALS / GD34ALS transmitters
TU1049 GS41AV Air velocity transmitter
TU1050 GD900F Energy monitoring transmitter (Smartrail 835mV)
TU1057 GD24ALDM / GD34ALDM temperature transmitters with audible and visual alarm
TU1059 GD43E RH/temp and voltage/current transmitter
TU1061 OD17EE Customised RH, temp and CO2 battery powered transmitter
TU1064 OD18W wind speed/direction transmitter
TU1069 EP85 customised K type thermocouple and differential pressure transmitter
TU1082 AQ110A portable air quality transmitter (from serial no. 32655 only)
TU1085 CB70 Battery powered RH, Temp, Visible light and UV light transmitter

Logger / Receiver

TU1007 RP250GD Repeater
TU1008 RX250AL and GenII Transmitters Quick Start
TU1114 RC250 Receiver
TU1006 WSR Wireless sensor receiver
TU1081 MS Series Mini Squirrel


TU1001 RHT10D digital RH and temperature probe
TU1056 RHT10E digital RH and temperature probe
TU1022 Eltek Squirrels with Vaisala WXT and WMT weather sensors
TU1024 EE08 RHT probe with GenII transmitters
TU1033 LS50 with GenII transmitters
TU1034 LS70 with GenII transmitters

System & Connectivity

TU1008 RX250AL and GenII transmitters quick start
TU1016 GSMSQ modem kit
TU1017 GSMPC modem kit
TU1017_W10 GSMPC modem kit (Windows 10)
TU1065 GSMDH modem kit
TU1029 Moxa NPort 5110 setup
TU1051 Eltek CSV online graphing tool


TM1020GB Darca Plus
TM1030GB Darca Heritage Version 1
TM1031GB Darca Secure
TM1032GB Darca Heritage Version 2.0
TU1087 Darca Heritage Version 2.1 (Quick Start Guide)
TM1038GB Darca Heritage Version 2.1 (Online Version)
TM1038GB Darca Heritage Version 2.1 (Print Version)
TM1033DE 450/850/1000 Series and GenII Loggers - German
TM1033FR 450/850/1000 Series and GenII Loggers - French
TM1034GB 450/850/1000 Series Squirrel - English (newer version, updated 12-11-13)
TM1035GB RX250AL and GenII Manual
TM1039 RC250 Receiver System

Technical Notes

TN111 Adding transmitters to a remote system
TN125 Online radio coverage survey tutorial
TN131 Darca Heritage 1 - Setting up an Amazon EC2 Windows instance for Eltek SRV250 (with screenshots)
TN131 Darca Heritage 2 - Setting up an Amazon EC2 Windows instance for Eltek SRV250 (with screenshots)
TN133 Setting up an Amazon EC2 Windows instance for Eltek SRV250 (for IT professionals)

Product Gallery

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