Transmitters for tilt and crack measurement

Eltek has developed and field-tested the following solutions for monitoring tilt and crack using the GS44 transmitter and third party sensors:

GS44cfTLT Transmitter

  • 4 x inputs for Soil Instruments C12 inclinometers
  • Hardware range: ±2.5V
  • EU Range: ±3.000°
  • Resolution: 0.00075°
  • 12V sensor supply
  • 3 second sensor on (warmup) time


GS44cfLDT Transmitter

  • 4 x inputs for Penny & Giles SLS130 Linear displacement sensors
  • 0-5V single range for 0-50.000mm
  • Precision reference voltage for sensor: 5V
  • 1 second sensor on time


ODTLT/LDT Includes

  • Enclosure (200 x 120 x 88mm). Rated IP60. Suitable for wall mount or free stand.
  • GS44cfTLT / GS44cfLDT Transmitter
  • SP1196 9VDC 6 x D cell battery pack. Provides >1 year operation at 15 minute logging interval.



If you require sensors, please order them separately.


WBG Wall bracket docking kit

This kit enables fitment of the transmitter's built-in wall bracket to difficult or uneven surfaces. The kit provides additional docking security.

The following products are supported:

  • All GD, GC, GL and GS series transmitters
  • RP250GD repeater and RC250 receiver


Common GenII Transmitter Specification

RF specification: EN300-220
RF power: 10mW
Environment specification  
  Compliant to EN300-220: -10 to +55°C
  Actual: -30 to +65°C
  Humidity: 100% non condensing
Environmental rating: IP40
Dimensions (footprint): 78 x 41mm
Transmission interval range: 1 sec to 4 hours
Indicator (red LED): transmit active/on/off
Control switch (concealed): test mode / hibernate
Antenna socket: SMA


Common to all transmitters

Gen II Quick Start Instructions

Specific to this family of transmitters


GenII Systems for tilt and crack measurement