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Transmitters with inputs for voltage, current, RH and temperature (e.g. for incubators)

The GD43 transmitter is designed for users who wish to monitor temperature, temperature/humidity and an input from an external sensor e.g. CO2, O2, air velocity, solar radiance etc.

When used with the Vaisala GMT221 CO2 sensor, the transmitter provides a compact, comprehensive and cost effective monitoring solution for incubators.

The GD43 is battery operated with an endurance of > 2 years based on a 5 minute transmit interval.

Connectors are included. Sensors are not included and must be ordered separately.

GD43E Wired sockets for: With display. GD-43E



Vaisala GMT221 Carbon dioxide transmitter for incubators with a range of up to 20% CO2.
The probe section can be extended on a 2m lead and can be mounted in the environment to be monitored (e.g. an incubator) with the preferred RH and temp or temperature only probe.
The Vaisala GMT221 requires an external power supply in order to be used with the GD43.


Common Specification

RF specification: EN300-220
RF power: 10mW
Environment specification  
  Compliant to EN300-220: -10 to +55°C
  Actual: -30 to +65°C
  Humidity: 100% non condensing
Environmental rating: IP40
Dimensions (footprint): 78 x 41mm
Battery endurance: up to 5 years (interval set to 5 minutes) (less for GL-70 and GS40 series)
Transmission interval range: 1 sec to 4 hours
Indicator (red LED): transmit active/on/off
Control switch (concealed): test mode / hibernate
Antenna socket: SMA

Transmitter Specification

Model(s) Sensors Range Resolution Accuracy
GD43E external RH (RHT10E)

external temperature (RHT10E)

-40 to +120°C

±2% (10 to 90%RH)
±4% (0 to 100%RH)
±0.4°C (+5 to +40°C)
±1.0°C (-20 to +80°C)
1 x voltage / current 0-100mV
0-1V DC
0-10V DC
0-20mA DC
4-20mA DC


1 x external thermistor temperature -50 to 150°C 0.05°C (-5 to +75°C)
0.1°C (-25 to +100°C)
0.2°C (-40 to +125°C)
±0.1°C (-5 to +75°C)
±0.2°C (-25 to +100°C)
±0.4°C (-40 to +125°C)
GD43G external RH (Rotronic HC2-S3)
external temperature (Rotronic HC2-S3)
-40 to +85 °C
±1.5% rh at 23°C 
±0.3K at 23°C 
1 x voltage / current as GD43E
1 x external thermistor temperature as GD43E
GD43J external RH (EplusE EE68)

external temperature (part EplusE EE68)

-40 to 80°C
  ± 2% (10 to 90%RH)
± 3% (0 to 100%RH)
0.6°C (0 to+40°C)
1.0°C (-40 to +80°C)
1 x voltage / current as GD43E
1 x external thermistor temperature as GD43E

Common to all transmitters
Gen II Quick Start Instructions

Specific to this family of transmitters
GD43 Leaflet