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Transmitters with inputs for solar radiance (pyranometer)

GS41Acf The GS41Acf provides one physical pyranometer input and two calculated channels.
  • The physical input is for use with the Skye SKS1110 or Kipp and Zonen CMP3 pyranometer.
  • The calculated channels are average value (5 minute rolling average with 30 second period) and cumulative value (i.e. to give Watt hours rather than Watts).
  • The Pyranometer must be ordered separately.
OD-41A Weatherproof (IP65 rated) polycarbonate enclosure with transmitter, primarily intended for wall mounting.
  • Supplied with a GS41Acf installed.
  • The transmitter can be installed together with an additional battery pack (type SP1118) for more than 2 years operation (or where very fast data logging is a requirement).
  • The enclosure is provided with 4 fixing holes that are obscured when the cover is fitted.
  • The pyranometer must be ordered separately.



Common Specification

RF specification: EN300-220
RF power: 10mW
Environment specification  
  Compliant to EN300-220: -10 to +55°C
  Actual: -30 to +65°C
  Humidity: 100% non condensing
Environmental rating: IP40
Dimensions (footprint): 78 x 41mm
Battery endurance: up to 5 years (interval set to 5 minutes) (less for GL-70 and GS40 series)
Transmission interval range: 1 sec to 4 hours
Indicator (red LED): transmit active/on/off
Control switch (concealed): test mode / hibernate
Antenna socket: SMA

Transmitter Specification

Model(s) Sensors Range Resolution Accuracy
GS41Acf 1 x external pyranometer (e.g. Skye SKS1110 or Kipp and Zonen CMP3) 
1 x calculated average value (5 minute rolling average with 30 second sample)
1 x calculated cumulative (Integrated) value 
0-65,000 Wh

OD-41 case

Dimensions: Width:120mm x Height:202mm x Depth:85mm

Common to all transmitters
Gen II Quick Start Instructions

Specific to this family of transmitters
OD-41A Leaflet

User Instructions
User Instructions For GS41A