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Transmitters with MBUS connectivity


When used with the Landis+Gyr T230 heatmeter (V11), the GD93A provides precise heatmeter and additional values. The combination offers significantly higher resolution than other instruments making the combination ideal for study and research purposes. Up to 3 x T230 heatmeters can be connected to the GD93A simultaneously.

Parameters measured from the sensors are:

  • Power (watt hours)
  • Flow temperature (°C)
  • Return temperature (°C)
  • Volume (litres)


Landis and Gyr T230 heatmeter Smart residential heating and cooling meters with a composite-flow part. Visit for more information. GenII Wall bracket


Common Specification

RF specification: EN300-220
RF power: 10mW
Environment specification  
  Compliant to EN300-220: -10 to +55°C
  Actual: -30 to +65°C
  Humidity: 100% non condensing
Environmental rating: IP40
Dimensions (footprint): 78 x 41mm
Battery endurance: up to 5 years (interval set to 5 minutes) (less for GL-70 and GS40 series)
Transmission interval range: 1 sec to 4 hours
Indicator (red LED): transmit active/on/off
Control switch (concealed): test mode / hibernate
Antenna socket: SMA

Transmitter Specification

Size: 85 x 78 x 42mm (excluding 75mm antenna)
Weight: 250g
Connection strip: 8 x miniature pitch rising cage connector (included)
Antenna: Supplied compressed spring, L=75mm, Gain -3db
Battery type: Internal 4 x LR6 AA alkaline battery cassette

Common to all transmitters
Gen II Quick Start Instructions

Specific to this family of transmitters
User Instructions
GD93A configured for use with Landis and Gyr T230 heatmeter(s)