Locating the Receiver/Logger

Before the location of the transmitters and repeaters can be considered, it is very important to find a suitable location for the RX250AL Reciever/Logger in the site.

Connecting the Receiver / Logger to the PC

Care should be exercised in positioning the RX250AL Reciever/Logger.

Connection from the Reciever/Logger to the PC can be:

  • Direct
  • Via Ethernet if available

Try to site the Receiver/Logger at least 5 metres away from the PC so that interference is minimised:

If the Receiver/Logger is connected directly to the PC, an RS232 extension lead may be required (RS232/5M for 5m). Alternatively, use an external antenna on the Receiver/Logger if installation permits:

The Receiver/Logger should also be located clear of all other sources of radio interference.

Locations and materials to avoid

The following locations/materials will inhibit the performance of the system:

  • Reinforced concrete
  • Metal cladding
  • Rooms that are constructed as Faraday cages
  • Moving machinery that changes position e.g. fork lift trucks, cranes

Using an RP250GD/RP250GDS to detect interference

Disconnect the antenna, and if no interference is present the RSSI bar on the unit's display should show 2 chevrons or less:

RP250GDS Only: Switch the audio toggle switch on (located on the top of the unit). You should hear white noise only.

Click here to hear an example of white noise.

Connect the antenna, and if no interference is present the RSSI bar should display at most 6 chevrons:

RP250GDS Only: The audio should remain as white noise.

If the signal is higher, this indicates that interference may be present. Interference can be generated by nearby electronic equipment. If the interference is from a nearby telemetry system then an alternative frequency for the final installation may be necessary.

Should interference be detected and the origin can not be found then advanced interference detection equipment will have to be used, e.g a radio frequency spectrum analyser. Refer to Eltek.

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