Download the latest update for Darca

A current update of Darca is available for download. This works by upgrading an existing installation. It is not a standalone copy of the software. If you have no access to a full installation of the software, please contact Eltek. This version may have some differences from the version you are running, but all the files necessary for a complete upgrade are available here.

Recommended download

We recommend that anyone experiencing any problems with their current version of Darca should download the latest update of the program.

Darca Lite/Plus fixes and additions
Darca Heritage V1 fixes and additions

Note: There are different types of Darca and it is important that you select the appropriate upgrade file for your type.

Darca updates will only work with an existing installation of the software.

Original Version Latest Version Upgrade File
Darca Lite V2.0.x Darca Lite Version 2.0.32 Darca_Lite_V2_0_32.exe
Darca Plus V2.0.x or V3.0.x or V3.1.x Darca Plus Version
Darca Heritage V1.0.19 and above Darca Heritage V1.1.88.4 Darca_Heritage_V1_1_88_4.exe (Note: Ensure that an DH administrator password is set prior to upgrade)
Darca Heritage V2.0.1 and above Darca Heritage V2.1.0.372 (Note: This upgrade will not work with Darca Heritage Version 1.x)
    Right-click the relevant link.
Choose 'Save Target As...'

What to do with the downloaded file

The exe file is a self-extracting zipfile which will upgrade all your Darca program files to the most recent version. Download this file to a known place then from windows explorer find the file and right click on it and select 'Run as Administrator' if using windows 7, or just double click on the file if using an older version of windows. The default program file location selected is C:\Program Files\Eltek\Darca which will install the files to 'C:\Program Files\Eltek\Darca' for 32-bit processors but for 64 bit versions of windows you may need to modify this to 'C:\Program Files(x86)\Eltek\Darca'. If you do not 'Run as Administrator' in Windows 7 then it will fail to extract the files even if the user is an Administrator.

If you cannot find the 'Run As Administrator' option then alternatively in Windows 7, ensure the user has administrator privileges and instead to extract the files to another directory and then manually copy the files to the installation directory.

If you find any problems in the current version please email technical help at with the software version, the Squirrel (model & serial number) that you are using, a description of the problem and details of how to reproduce it.

Software for the RP250GD Repeater and the RC250/WSR Receivers

RepConf V1.0.3.0
This is an installable setup file for configuring the RP250GD.
RxConfig V1.1.0.0
This is an installable setup file for configuring the RC250 and WSR.