Darca Heritage V1 Tour

View Data Window

The View Data window appears once the program has been launched. From here, the most commonly used features of the program can be accessed:

Note about Users, Computers and Data

Zone Graphic Window

The Zone Graphic Window displays the current readings for each group of transmitters in a zone. Darca Heritage divides a site into zones (in this example the zone is the first floor of a building), each of which contains groups of transmitters (in this example each group represents a room on the first floor). This makes it easy to split a large site into manageable chunks for analysis.

Meter Window

The Meter Window shows current data values in a grid to save space.

Zone Chart Window


The Chart Window shows graphed data for every group in the chosen zone and is divided into tabs for fast access. A group may be split over several tabs if it contains many different parameters - in the example above, temperature and humidity are shown on one graph; any light channels in the group would be displayed on another graph.

Cursor Tools

Readings at cursor
The cursor tool displays numeric data for a clicked point on the graph:

Values cursor
The values cursor tool displays numeric data for a point on the graph. The cursor can be freely moved around the graph with the mouse and values will instantly update:

Summary Window

Summary window
The statistics tab of the summary window shows a variety of statistics about each channel on the graph. As well as the standard statistics shown above, information about how long each channel has been in each of its alarm states is available. The data tab displays the data points from the graph in numeric form, and extra channels can be added to this and the statistics tab in the style of the graph "Overlay" feature. All information in this window can be exported as text or printed for reference.

Notes Tool

Notes tool
To annotate the graph with meaningful text notes, the note tool can be used. Notes are saved permanently for future use when the graph window is closed.


Overlay channels: Channels from any group in the site can be overlaid on the current graph for comparative analysis.

Top Axis Overlay: Channels can also be overlaid on the top axis of the graph in order to compare data from two different time periods, e.g. RH and AT for October plotted alongside RH and AT for November.


To prepare the graphs for printing, or to preserve current graphs for future views, the report window feature is used.

Site Settings

The Site Settings window gives the site administrator easy access to the various configuration tools.


The Parameters window allows the site administrator to specify what is being measured throughout the site.

Zones / Groups

The Zones and Groups window allows the site administrator to specify how the transmitters are physically positioned throughout the site.