Rogowski Coil current transducers


The RC1000 is a current transducer that permits measurement of current in a conductor up to 2000A. The coil is not a fixed closed loop, the end is looped about the conductor and parked in the fitting at the base of the loop.

The Rogowski coil lends itself perfectly to being fixed round irregular shaped objects, including fuse assemblies, in difficult-to-access locations. The loop is normally hung over the conductor for temporary or permanent current measurement.

The Squirrel logger input includes an integrator that dispenses with the need for an external device, providing a cost effective and compact measuring system. The coil is independent of frequency.

Rogowski Coil

Rogowski Coil


This coil is ideal for restricted spaces. It can only be used with the 1010X and 1020X.

Range: 0-1000A.
Coil diameter: 6mm nominal
Coil length: 50cm Lead length: 2m




Max conductor size: Dia.130mm
Environment: -30°C to +60°C rated for indoor or outdoor.
Dimension (mm): Approximately (loop extended) 540. Dia. 15mm
Materials: The loop is encased in a tough neoprene outer tubing with polyolefin inner yellow tubing and parking module at base. Note the inner yellow tubing is very visible should the outer tubing get damaged.
Current Measurement: Typically 1-2000A
Frequency Range: Maximum 10kHz
Accuracy: Approximately 2 Amps
Supplied Lead: Screened 2m terminated with 3 pin DIN Plug


The Squirrel provides the following ranges when used with the Rogowski coil:

Available ranges Resolution
0 to 200A coil 0.2A
0 to 500A coil 0.5A
0 to 1000A coil 1A
0 to 2000A coil 2A

Note: Accuracy of measurement at the low end of the scale (that is <1% of maximum) can be variable.