CT5 / CT75 Current transducer

Blue Current Clamp

These conventional precision current clamps available from Eltek are supplied complete with lead and DIN Plug. They are suitable for use with models 1010 and 1020 Energy Loggers.

Normally the CT5 or CT75 is used to measure the secondary current in a permanently installed current transducer as part of a high voltage distribution installation. The Squirrel range, when used in this application, can be scaled to display the actual range of the primary current.

Clamps for 5 and 7.5A maximum are normally held in stock, but other ratings are available - please contact Eltek for your requirements.

When used with Squirrel data loggers the resolution is:

CT5: 0.1% (5mA)
CT75: 0.1% (7.5mA)