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RP250GD Repeater

The RP250GD receives and rebroadcasts signals from GenII transmitters, significantly extending the distance over which a system can operate. Multiple repeaters can be used in a system.


  • Contains high performance receiver and transmitter compliant to EN 300-220.
  • LCD indicates on-air transmitter identity, status and signal strength.
  • Extends range of transmitters many-fold.
  • Multiple repeaters can be used, enabling difficult sites to be covered easily.
  • Mains powered with built-in rechargeable batteries to provide up to 48 hours standby in the event of a mains failure.
  • Free standing or wall mountable.
  • Antenna socket permits use of external antenna to improve performance in difficult conditions.
  • PC software is used to configure the repeater, download transmitter activity data and specify transmitter authorisation.



Ambient temperature: -10 to +55°C
Humidity: Up to 95% (non condensing)
Power supply: 12V DC (Type MP12U, 100-250V AC input)
Backup batteries type: Ni MH pack
Backup battery life: Typically 24 to 48 hours dependant on activity
Dimensions: D 41mm x W 80mm x H 125mm
Weight: 500g inc. batteries
Receiver/Transmitter: Crystal controlled
Antenna connector: SMA 50 ohm female


Product datasheet:
Telemetry Leaflet

Product manual:
RP250GD User Instructions

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