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Monitoring the Eltek in-house test system with the online viewer

The Eltek in-house test system consists of an RX250AL receiver / logger and four GD10W transmitters which measure temperature and humidity. The transmitters are located in the following places:

The RX250AL is located in the office with the 'Office Internal' GD10W nearby. The RX250AL is permanently connected to a Windows PC running Darca Heritage 2, which downloads it every five minutes and uploads the data as a CSV file to the Eltek website, which is running the online viewer software.

The parameters measured by each transmitter are air temperature (AT) and relative humidity (RH). The data from the 'Office External' transmitter is overlaid in each group, with its parameters referred to as ATExt and RHExt. This allows a comparison between indoor and outdoor environmental conditions.

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