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New Products 
CB70 Lux and UV light monitoring
New Rh & T probe options 

New Orders
Uganda - The fight against Aids

New Website
Returns Authorisation Form
Live data

Case Study
Compost monitoring

Technical Update  
EE Sim Cards 

The latest members of the Eltek product catalogue


Dear Eltek Distributor
We are delighted to say that 2018 has started well for Eltek thank you for your support and orders.  We are seeing a lot of interest in our Air Quality transmitter and the SRV250 3G logger, we are sure that this will continue.   

Air quality is frequently in the news nowadays and research being undertaken in a number of sectors.  One example would be in the healthcare sector, where hospitals are interested in indoor air quality for their workers and patients but also the impact of overall air quality on the levels of respiratory disease.  Eltek are actively involved with a number of customers undertaking research in this critical area and we welcome requests for product development in this area.

Eltek has had a long standing link with the MRC (Medical Research Council) and we are proud to be involved in the latest installation in Uganda where MRC Uganda are upgrading their laboratory freezer systems.

There are a number of exciting projects in progress at Eltek - we shall keep you posted as these develop, as always they are in response to requests and ideas from you our customers.

With kind regards, 





CB70 Lux and UV light monitoring
We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new Lux and UV light sensor, specifically designed to meet the cosmetic requirements of display cabinets.   This unit is substantially smaller than the current GL70 model whilst maintaining the performance and battery endurance specification of the trusted GL70, it is supplied with simple mounting options to allow its orientation to be adjusted in accordance with the light conditions of the installation.

Please contact us for further information.
+44(0)1223 872111
Link to CB70 datasheet

Eltek's family of Rh/T probes

Eltek offer a range of Rh/T probes to work with it's GenII wireless transmitters.  We have recently introduced a small size probe for applications where access is restricted.

Please contact us for further information.
+44(0)1223 872111
MRC Uganda
Eltek is proud to receive another order for the MRC labs in Entebbe.   This is to extend the monitoring of laboratory freezers at the MRC centre of excellence. 

The MRC/UVRI & LSHTM Uganda Research Unit is an internationally recognized center of excellence for research on HIV infection and related diseases, contributing knowledge on the evolving epidemic, the evaluation of innovative health care options, treatment and prevention, and the development of health policy and practice in Africa and worldwide.



Live data demonstration
Do please have a look at our new website. 

We have a live demonstration of data visible on a web browser being automatically updated from Darca Heritage. So you can see the temperature in our office and in the greenhouse in the garden as we work!

This provides customers with a demonstration of using both our SRV250 3G logger and the RX250AL.  The diagram below shows how different loggers can be configured.
Link to live data


We now have a repairs form to speed up the process of repairs.  Please use this form, it will help ensure that we have all the details we need to meet our  5 day turn around time target for repairs.



As part of our series of case studies, this one focuses on compost monitoring.  With a combination of custom hardware and software the Eltek Compost monitoring system provides a complete solution which provides the ability to meet regulatory compliance requirements either for a composting bay method or for a wind rows method of composting. 
Link to Composting Case Study



T echnical Update  - EE SIM cards

We have been made aware by our specialist distributors that some older SIM cards provided by EE have stopped functioning correctly with our loggers sending text messages using GSM.  This problem is easily solved by replacing the old EE SIM card with a new EE SIM card.   Note this issue occurs with all EE companies  - EE  - Orange - T-Mobile.

We have not seen this problem with other network providers.



SRV250 - 3G logger
Link to SRV250 datasheet


Air Quality Monitoring Transmitter

We are now undertaking initial customer assessments of our built environment Air Quality monitoring system and would be delighted to hear from you regarding likely demand and possible applications for this product.  Interest so far has been good, and routine production will commence by the end of this year, in the meantime if you have a requirement please contact us regarding delivery.

The AQ110 Air Quality Monitoring Transmitter gives you a compact solution to multi-parameter Air Quality Monitoring.  This IP40 rated unit has the following built in gas and air particulate sensors:

  • CO2                               Range:         0-5000ppm
  • Relative Humidity        Range:         0-100% non condensing 
  • Temperature                 Range:         -20ºC to 70ºC 
  • CO                                 Range:        0-500ppm 
  • NO2                               Range:        0-20ppm 
  • VOC                               Range:        0-50ppm 
  • Particulates                   (Air flow 0 to 5 L/minute) 
                                           PM1    0-1 µm particles
                                           PM2.5 1-2.5 µm particles
                                           PM10    2.5-10 µm particles 
  • Sound Pressure level  30 to 130dB*
* = Via socket for external EX407750 sound level meter

With excellent Eltek wireless capability, this unit can be located wherever required and along with other units can then be linked to one of our range of receivers for data logging or real-time monitoring.

For pricing and availability please contact us:
by emailing
Link to AQ110 datasheet


The Mini Squirrel
The first release of the GenII MS “Mini Squirrel” series is intended for RH, temperature and CO2 applications. 

The dataloggers are battery operated and ideal for short or long term environmental monitoring.

Mini Squirrel is ideal for monitoring smaller spaces such as galleries or laboratories. A feature of the Mini Squirrel is ease of deployment and data download. A top panel mounting jack socket is provided for data download.

The scrolling LCD display provides real time sensor values and screen prompts inform the user that the logger is set up and ready to go as required.

Eltek's Darca Lite Windows software is designed for use with the MS Mini Squirrel, enabling the user to configure, download data, and graph historic data quickly and easily.

For pricing and availability please contact us
by emailing
Link to Mini Squirrel datasheet

The Logmitter

The GenII Logmitter range is a series of devices launched by Eltek in 2017 that can be configured either as a conventional GenII transmitter or a a standalone datalogger.  

Eltek's GenII Logmitter is a first in that you get a compact self-contained and highly accurate device that is a logger or a transmitter as required.

System Operation
Configured as a logger and deployed alone, it is ideal for smaller spaces and short term or temporary events in sites such as galleries or laboratories. For large buildings, e.g. city block museums, storage areas or research laboratories, it can be deployed as a transmitter with other Logmitters which are also configured in transmitter mode, reporting to a receiver.

Used together with Eltek Darca Heritage software, which is designed for conservators and collection managers alike, it provides the ideal solution for detailed environmental audits and day to day monitoring. Logmitter simply grows with your expanding requirements with all data available on a common platform.

For pricing and availability please contact us:
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Link to logmitter datasheet

Transmitter with backup memory

The GenII M series is a family of transmitters that incorporate standard GenII transmitter features plus backup memory, which safeguards data should a temporary interruption of the logging infrastructure occur. 
Designed to meet the data reliability targets for the pharmaceutical and laboratory sectors, the first release of the GenII M series includes models with inputs for thermistor, thermocouple, and PT100 sensors together with built-in RH and temperature and inputs for incubator monitoring applications.

System Operation
The GenII M series retains the standard GenII transmitter specification and adds 12,000 readings of built-in memory in continuous overwrite mode. This means many weeks of data can be held in the transmitter.
The logging interval is configurable, and is ideally set to be the same as the system logging interval. However the back up memory logging interval and therefore memory usage and granularity can be optimised depending on the user's requirements.
Data is downloaded using the TX download program and is saved to the PC in Windows CSV format. Each reading consists of the reading value and time stamp. 

For pricing and availability please contact us
by emailing
Link to backup memory datasheet

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