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Squirrel Dataloggers For Energy Management

1010 Model Squirrel
Squirrel Datalogger
1010 Model
1020 Model Squirrel
Squirrel Datalogger
1020 Model
new1020 Model Squirrel
Squirrel Datalogger
651 Model

For the electricity energy sector

These specialist data loggers and accessories are tailored for the electricity energy sector and facilitate the metering and recording of AC voltage, current and temperature using a single comprehensive and accurate instrument.
Squirrel 1000 energy series dataloggers and accessories enable quick, easy metering, monitoring and logging of load usage patterns enabling optimisation of power distribution, ultimately leading to improved reliability of power availability and power distribution plant costs.
The Squirrel 651 datalogger is specially designed for use with the Northern Design NDRail350 (1 x 3 phase load) or NDRail310 (3 x single phase load) energy meters.

Common Features

  • 12 Bit for high accuracy and resolution
  • Fully portable
  • Ideally suited for temporary and permanent installation
  • Quick and easy configuration and download using Darca Software
  • Remote access via telephone line, GSM and Ethernet if equipped
  • Non volatile memory offering up to 2 million readings

1010/1020 Features

  • Records average or instantaneous values for each channel
  • Measures and records AC voltage, current and temperature
  • Battery operation with up to 6 months unattended operation
  • Rogowski coil for high current measurement and outdoor use
  • Display scaled to read out in primary conductor measured unit
  • All connections are plug and socketed
  • Thermistor probe inputs (-25°C to 125°C)
  • Pulse and Event/Digital inputs
  • Standard air or surface temperature probe available

651 Features

  • Up to 3 energy meters can be connected simultaneously via RS485
  • Up to 68 channels of values can be recorded
  • Information recorded:
    • 3 x Current (up to 100A) phases
    • 3 x power factor
    • 1 or 3 Voltage phase
    • Calculated values derived for: kVA, kVAr and kW

Eltek produce and stock a range of transducers tailored for the Energy industry which interface to the 1010/1020 dataloggers:

RC1000 Rogowski Coil - Current Transducer
VTS270 Voltage Transducer
CT5 5 Amp Current Clamp
CT75 7.5 Amp Current Clamp
CS-U-V2-DIN Temperature Probe


RC1000 Rogowski Coil

Rogowski Coil - C
Rogowski Coil - C
Rogowski Coil - D
Rogowski Coil - D
Rogowski Coil 3 pin DIN Plug
Rogowski Coil 3 pin DIN Plug

The Rogowski coil is a current transducer that permits measurement of current in a conductor up to 2000A. The coil is not a fixed closed loop, the end is looped about the conductor and parked in the fitting at the base of the loop.

Method C is frequently used without problems, method D is however the preferred method of use.

The Rogowski coil lends itself perfectly to being fixed round irregular shaped objects, including fuse assemblies, in difficult-to-access locations. The loop is normally hung over the conductor for temporary or permanent current measurement.

The Squirrel logger input includes an integrator that dispenses with the need for an external device, providing a cost effective and compact measuring system. The coil is independent of frequency.


Max conductor size: Dia.130mm
Environment: -30°C to +60°C rated for indoor or outdoor.
Dimension (mm): Approximately (loop extended) 540. Dia. 15mm
Materials: The loop is encased in a tough neoprene outer tubing with polyolefin inner yellow tubing and parking module at base. Note the inner yellow tubing is very visible should the outer tubing get damaged.
Current Measurement: Typically 1-2000A
Frequency Range: Maximum 10kHz
Accuracy: Approximately 2 Amps
Supplied Lead: Screened 2m terminated with 3 pin DIN Plug

The Squirrel provides the following ranges when used with the Rogowski coil:

Available ranges Resolution
0 to 200A coil 0.2A
0 to 500A coil 0.5A
0 to 1000A coil 1A
0 to 2000A coil 2A

Note: Accuracy of measurement at the low end of the scale (that is <1% of maximum) can be variable.


VTS270 Voltage Transducer

VTS-270 Voltage Transducer
VTS-270 Voltage Transducer

The Eltek VTS Voltage Transducer enables Squirrel voltage inputs to be safely connected to an AC supply for AC voltage measurements. The VTS is potted for rugged and reliable performance. The item is non-repairable in the unlikely event of failure.


Materials used: Potted and permanently sealed Grey ABS enclosure
Dimensions: (L 88 x W 58 x D 40) mm
Weight: Approximately 440g
Input Voltage: 0-300V AC max. 45-65Hz
Fuse rating: 250mA
Input terminal: 2 x 4mm red shrouded safety sockets for use with
4mm shrouded plugs (not supplied)
Output: Compatible with Squirrel AC inputs
Lead assembly: 2m terminated in 3 pin 180° DIN Plug
Environment: –30 to +55°C (Indoor use only)
Compliant to: EN 60950

When used with the Squirrel data logger the following ranges are provided:

Voltage Range Resolution
0-300 0.3v
170-270 0.1v

CT5 / CT75 Current Transformers

Blue Current Clamp
Current Clamp

These conventional precision current clamps available from Eltek are supplied complete with lead and DIN Plug. They are suitable for use with models 1010 and 1020 Energy Loggers.

Normally the CT5 or CT75 is used to measure the secondary current in a permanently installed current transformer as part of a high voltage distribution installation. The Squirrel range, when used in this application, can be scaled to display the actual range of the primary current.

Clamps for 5 and 7.5A maximum are normally held in stock, but other ratings are available - please contact Eltek for your requirements.

When used with Squirrel data loggers the resolution is:

CT5: 0.1% (5mA)
CT75: 0.1% (7.5mA)

CS-U-V2-DIN Temperature Probe

CS Temperature Probe
CS Temperature Probe
A general purpose stainless steel, round ended probe equipped with a thermistor temperature sensor. The probe can be used with any Squirrel U input. The probe is supplied with a 2m cable and terminated with a 3 pin 180° DIN Plug for immediate use with Squirrel AC loggers.



Current transformer (one per phase) with 1M lead - other types available POA:
Type Range Size (mm) Cable dia  
SCL8-5 0-5A 43 x 37 x 32
SCL16-50 0-50A 51 x 45 x 27 16mm
SCL16-100 0-100A 51 x 45 x 27 16mm
SCT19-150 0-150A 51 x 53 x17 19mm SCT closed SCT open
SCT32-400 0-400A 82.5 x 85 x 27 32mm
SCT51-800 0-800A 121 x 127 x 32 51mm
Other SCT19 models available: 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 50, 70 and 100A - refer Eltek
Other SCT32 models available: 70, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400 and 600A - refer Eltek
Other SCT51 models available: 600, 1000A - refer Eltek
DRA18-12 DIN rail mounting AC to 12VDC power supply  
NDRail350 DIN rail mounting energy meter
(1 x 3 phase load)

NDRail310 DIN rail mounting energy meter
(3 x 1 phase loads)

The Energy Series Range Of Models

Squirrel Model Channel Configuration
(Number and type of sensor)
Case depth mm
1010 6 AC voltage + 2 thermistor / AC voltage 60
1020 12 AC voltage + 4 thermistor / AC voltage 85
651 A maximum of three NDRail350s (1 x 3 phase load) or three NDRail310 (3 x 1 phase load) can be connected simultaneously to the logger. 60


  • Increased memory options
  • Alarm output
  • Inputs for DC measurement



Logging Modes
Interval / average / event /
externally triggered

Log/Scan Interval
5 seconds to 24 hours

Analog Inputs
Accuracy: ±(0.1% of reading,
+0.2% of range span)

Digital Inputs
0/5V or volt free contacts
8 inputs per logger channel

Pulse counters
Each counter up to 2Khz signal or
100Hz volt free contact. A total of
650K counts software selectable

Data memory
Internal memory: 250,000 readings
Option: 2 million readings
Memory modes; stop when full or
overwrite current run

2 line, 32-character,
for readings status monitoring and configuration

RS232 half duplex - 2400 to 38.4K Baud
Modem compatible protocol

Darca Plus Software
Configuration, graphing and analysis

Power supply
Internal: 6 x AA Alkaline batteries
External: 9 to 14vDC (1.4watts)
Mains adapter: Type MP12U

Operating Environment
Temperature range:-30 to 65°C
Humidity: 95% non condensing.
For harsh environments an
optional IP65 enclosure is available.

Range: 0-2000A
Coil diameter: 14.5mm nominal
Coil length: 52cm
Lead length: 1.8M